Attention, all vesterians out there!

every subclass except ranger

what if we befriend the bandits

I mean we hunters are bandits, idk about you but I love hanging out with the guy under aukfiuti’s tower.

Then you realise the article was written by a ranger

im actually a berserker

the writer of the original post

wait wat

burh moment

well he is the only ranger allowed…
i guess…

but thats racist

how in any way?

because I feel offended

ok ok…
your also allowed as a ranger…

actually im not a ranger

you just assumed my class, even more racist

please do note this is a joke

lol mk

My lord, is this legal?

why do you think we’re doing a crusade :pensive:

Wow I really didn’t expect my post to get this out of hand.

And anyway, I requisitioned more troops from Admiral Hugo, us Hunters have it covered. Those bandits aren’t getting through, though we can’t get in there to clear them out. If you want to, feel free to go through our checkpoints to lay siege to the bandit scourge. All classes (and subclasses) welcome, though we make no guarantees about your safety and we will NOT, under any circumstances, send more troops into the Dunes. We cannot afford to lose more troops like that.