Attention All Endgame Wariors

To any maxed out warriors out there what is the optimal setup for a balanced warrior with scrolls endgame and all abilities unlocked

Are you asking about Stat placement? STR is the way to go currently. If you’re asking about scrolls and weapons, any Bronze Mace with a weapon attack of 90+ is good.

Thanks but i’m a balanced character i put stuff into all stats

That Is How To Be Weak.

Having a jack of all trait master of none on a warrior is a recipe for disaster like you’re asking to get yourself get kill by a STR stats main warrior or mobs who just deals a crap tons of damage.

im already level eleven i don’t want to make a new character and im not the pvp type so it really does not matter right?

It will affect your damage and survivability later on in the game until they add a way to respec stat points. Balanced stats is a horrible way to go currently. It also shouldn’t take long at all to get to level 11 if you know what you’re doing.

ok so, here is what you do:

  • if you want to deal damage put most points into STR
  • if you want to tank damage put MOST points into VIT

once you choose the main stat you want to invest into you should put a good amount of points into the secondary stat (either STR or VIT, depending on what you chose as your main stat)

DEX and INT is 100% up to you and how much you want to upgrade them but once you get enough points into STR or VIT you can start putting some points into the other stats
(i would suggest getting 10 INT MAX for a decent boost in mana regen and 10 points into DEX for more crits and stamina).
If you don’t need mana regen or stamina boost and crits you can spend more points into either STR or VIT.

my warrior at level 30 would have

  • 30 STR
  • 40 VIT
  • 10 INT and DEX

(i have high VIT due to the fact that I want to take a tank sub-class in the far future)

The warrior is the most flexible class as of right now and it lets you play in ANY way you want but balancing your points into every stat will ultimately lead to your doom so the best way to go about building a class is investing as many points into your primary stats and spending the leftovers on the less important stats for your build/class.

TL;DR chooses the class you want to play and then invest points to make that class stronger and letting you enjoy that class. just because you put points into INT as a warrior doesn’t mean you have to start over again. it simply means you will be more flexible and less focused on one role. (nobody needs 3 DPS warriors when nobody can fill the role of a tank or ranger)

sorry if that post was a mess but uhhh

TL;DR for the TL;DR

its ok to be a warrior and have points into anything but STR or VIT.
don’t let the pro’s scare you into thinking there is only 1 correct way to play, vesteria is meant to be played how you want and any build/class will be viable now or in the future - our lord and saviour berezaa (probably)

Thanks Phoenix i am close to that actually with the other skills i could finish up there and move on to my STR And VIT so all should be fine

But VIT increases magic dmg slightly too

Yeah it really does not matter the perfect setup has been lined out for me and i can begin working on my character that is when the servers come back online

I’m happy for you <3

(and does it matter that VIT slightly increases magic damage?)