Attack Speed = Dex right?

this is from Vesteria’s official twitter account, what do ya’ll think?


this is nice

also shouldnt lvl 4 weapons deal like 28 - 29 dmg instead of 3 - 5?

I’m expecting a lot of reworks when Vesteria reopens, just from seeing this.

This will make weapons a lot more interesting. And the damage system seems like its gonna be completely overhauled or simplified. I can’t wait.


so will lvl 50 weapons deal like 60 dmg now with this upcoming weapon dmg revamp?

This tweet is one of the first new things we’ve seen since the shutdown, not counting leaks. Looks pretty cool ngl.

Wait, oak dagger and bow aren’t hunter required? This I Like, just so long as more advanced bows aren’t opened to Mages and worriers

Off topic:
I heard step through shadow’s getting axed, got any idea what’s replacing it???

Also off topic:
What hunter subclass should I get after the shutdown(if there is an after :sob:)

@GoudaCheese Be trickster. Ranger is super boring (imma rebirth when game returns). Assassin is gonna be super hard, Step Through Shadow (their invis skill) is going bye-bye, so it’s gonna be iffy.

These reworks seem interesting.
With the scaling shown, the dunes-strength weapons will give ~60-70 Weapon Attack, instead of the 141 they gave before shutdown.

If bows are made all-classed, Warriors are gonna be beastly. Most two-handed weapons are trash anyway, so a Paladin can become even more OP (they are a pretty troll class rn, Rebuke + Mushroom Sword will result in no loot but no one else gets it either).

@DemiRichter Before shutdown, yes, higher DEX caused increased attack speed (full DEX + full great Mogloko Mask Assassin, anyone? The swing speed in insane, caused me to lag a good bit with my decent-ish PC).

Ya assassin sounded cool at first but it and ranger don’t feel like a new class just buffed versions of hunter
Ranger: I’m hunter but with better ranged stuff
Assassin: I’m just hunter but you feel sneaky
Imma do Trickster, It’s not really my play type but I’ve become more flexible with that lately

Step through shadow is not the invis skill, its the one where the assassin leaves behind a shadow that he can tp to later by reactivating the skill, the invis skill is called shadow walk

From seeing this, I expect they’re not just patching exploits. And with four weeks, a lot could be changed. Anyways, I can only hope that they’re nearly finished.

ye ye Clown gang

step through shadow just creates a shadow you can teleport to.