Attack Speed and Critical

Overall, my time playing Vesteria has been wonderful! That being said, seeing that the game is still being developed, and in a short amount of time might I add, there are bound to be a few tweaks here and there.
One of the things I’ve notices is that the “dex” stat no longer increases attack speed. Previously, bereeza told me that the “Hunter” class is supposed to be the fastest class in the game. Knowing this, not having a stat that would increase attack speed would make the title tedious. Although there is an adventurer skill “Double slash”, I feel as if that attack speed isn’t fit to match the rate at which the monsters attack.
Furthermore, the critical effect that the “dex” stat offers seems a bit confusing to me. I have had one person try to explain to me that your critical number’s effect would be based on a monsters level, but as I see it, it should be based on your level. What I mean by this is that if your level is significantly greater than the mob you are facing, then that should allow for a higher chance of critical.
All that being said, I believe that an attack speed effect should be added to one of the skills, and the critical’s effectiveness should be changed based on a person’s level.


this is painful to read

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Fixed your post for you. We’re going to make some changes to DEX to make it better. Don’t worry, it’s in our sights.


Thanks, I thought it looked weird.

iirc crit is supposed to be based off the level difference between you and the monster

Yes, but it is also supposed to be heavily weighted by DEX (and we want equipment/scrolls in the future that potentially raise your crit rate regardless of player/monster level)

I know that, but seeing that I am a level 24 and a crab is a level 7, and me not being able to critical at all when I hit one raises a red flag.

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yea pretty sure it’s just broken rn

With The Staff Building The Game, It Would Be Fixed.

Yeah, it should be a lot better