"Astral Projection" in Mushroom Grotto

In the Mushroom Grotto, there’s a small area which walking into will separate your you and your character, with your character being immobile, and you will not be able to attack anything (you can pick up items) in this area.
See: https://streamable.com/l0iwm
Additionally, name tags and other 2d renderings face my character, and not where “I” actually am:

EDIT: The area where I am able to leave my character’s body moves around in Mushroom Grotto.
EDIT2: The area of effect for this seems to follow this around as it gets moved by the elder shrooms aggro’d at it.

Similar thing happened to me, only it was in Sewers and happened instantaneously upon joining the server. https://gyazo.com/1df25e3f7e8003e45823f00521a2d1fe
It also started an error loop in the command console. Here’s what was looped:

This issue just happened to me on the rooftops in nilgarf.

Yes, I’ve had this happen multiple times in a couple places. There’s a spot around the hogs in the farm that does it too every time I run through there.

Bump! Still happens. And yes, this glitch still only appears to work around the strange characters (look like players but aren’t) with the interact button that does nothing. It’s the same glitch as before.