Assassin Stuff. I need help

Currently, my stats go like this:
30 dex
-4 int
98 str
-4 vit

For gear:
Spider Fang Dagger (+5)
Tuaa Bow (+13)
Mogloko mask
(No chest piece it blew up.)
Ravager boots

Execute (10)
Shunpo (10)
Shadow Flurry (4)
Shadow Walk (1)
Step Through Shadow (1)

pls give me suggestions abt what I should do. Thnx!

I don’t oftenly play Assassin, but I’ll try to help.
The first thing i’d suggest to do is acutally get a chest piece, and I suggest the Embarker Vest (Tiki Hunter gear) for your chestplate. It provides a 116 defense which beats all hunter armors, and it’s better than Ravager Vest in many ways. I don’t know too much about the abilities, because i’ve been caught up in mage stuff but let me say this; I suggest you lower Shunpo to a lower level to use Barrage, as it can greatly increase your damage if you can pull it when needed and then switch back. Barrage deals mass damage and especially with your bow. I also suggest trying to get the Moko Dagger as soon as possible, as it can greatly benefit your DPS. You should also have 5 or 10 dex in general (excluding the hat) because of the fact the perk for 5 dex is adding a stamina and 10 is extra walkspeed and +2 jump, aswell as the fact you’re probably going to drop the Mogloko mask later game (possibly when whispering comes, idk). This is all I have to say about what I think you should do. Thanks.

I’m an Assassin myself, here’s my build, maybe you can think of what to do based on it:

30 DEX (Embarker + 8 DEX)
10 INT (1 MP/ATK perk)
96 STR (For DPS)

Shadow Flurry 8/10
Shadow Walk 2/10
Step Through Shadow 0/3

I’m not level 45 yet, so my skill build may be off. Invest at least 1 point in Shadow Walk as it replenishes stamina, by Level 40. By that point Shadow Flurry should be close to maxed (lvl. 6+). Then, keep investing in Shadow Walk because you’ll probably need it in Whispering Dunes.

Pretty redundant to have Mogloko or Moglo mask if you’re going to have 20+ in both STR and DEX as you’ll achieve the same result.

Ideally you’d have a minimum of 20+ in both and then +10 INT in combination so you can quickly accumulate Mana to spam skills.

Isn’t one of the skill only /3?

oops yeah