Assassin pvp dueling Nerf

Assassins can legit just come out of invis and burst you (almost got one-shot as knight). When dueling, the assassin just pops out of nowhere, and with buffed damage bursts you. I suggest nerfing shadow walk, so it

  1. either gives the opponent a general idea of where the assassin is, ex: flickering of character when nearing targets
  2. no bonus damage when assassin comes out of invisibility, or even damage reduction when assassin comes out of invisibility
    Really sucks to keep ability spamming when dueling assassins…

a damage voulnerbility while invis

I think shadow walk is pretty balanced, just if ur fighting one just
berserker: bladespin
knight: survive
paladin: rebuke and smite
cleric: flare
warlock: spam mana bomb and dark pulse
sorcerer: nuke the place
ranger: hail
trickster: prism trap
assassin: fight fire with fire

Hey, yea you, Devs dont care about pvp stop trying

Prism no work

dude this isn’t about me it’s about @Troller pay attention

Lmao mb i pressed the wrong arrow

Assassin is kind of supposed to be the ultimate pvp class anyway, and since it isn’t overthrowing the other classes in pve, the developers aren’t nerfing it.

Yes but in return they have low health and suck in pve

assassins are kinda meh in pve, and are terrible against bosses. let us have this one pls
also you only need to get 1 hit off on us

Assassin in general sucks very bad in pve and i think it needs a complete rework but thats just me


berserker is complete (insert word that didn’t let me post) with bladspin due to it taking to long to kill, and trickster prism trap is visible making it neigh impossible to actually… trap someone

ok, I get it, tricksters suck, but bladespin was supposed to be about protecting, not killing

Flare has a long cooldown all they have to do is wait for you to use it and close in they have 3 seconds to do so

flare’s range, buddy

Mostly all:

AoE AoE aOe!!!

AoE = Assassin of Evisceration

The problem with blade spin is that the player cannot sprint with it, meaning they can’t rush any long ranged classes, and everything that isn’t a ranger or trickster can kill a berserker before blade spin kills Them


o = o crap im screwed
E = rEmatch cuz uR bAD