Assassin and Trickster Suggestions

Hello everyone !

I guess you already know what’s going on here with the title so, I will start here :


  • Shadow Walk should be replaced by something like Furtivity.

    Furtivity : The user gets slightly transparent and gain a Walkspeed and Jump Boost for some seconds. You can upgrade it up to 10 times. Level 1 = 1.1x Walk/Jump Boost. Each upgrade = +1.1x so level 10 = 2x .

  • New Move : Knives Barrage : The user throw small knives at the cursor’s location (similar to a shotgun-type move when you shoot multiple projectiles at once). You can upgrade it up to 3. Level 1 = 3 knives; Level 2 = 6 knives; Level 3 = 10 knives. Also, the knives would act like arrows, they go further, faster and can pierce scaling on STR.


  • Different Traps for Prism Trap that you can switch by pressing a key : Poison Trap (poison damage to anyone stepping on it). Web Trap (Slow Down anyone stepping on it). Mine (Explodes when anyone step on it). Jump Trap (Launch anyone stepping on it).

  • Make Traps Invisible for everyone other than You and your Party.

  • Add Shadow Walk (Furtivity for Assassin) to Trickster with a different name : Disappearance. You can upgrade it up to 3 only but : Level 1 = Shadow Walk 2; Level 2 = Shadow Walk 4; Level 3 = Shadow Walk 6

  • Mirror : The user makes clones of itself all around him. The clones are focused by the mobs (does not affect giants/bosses). The user would basically create “four” clones, but one of them is the real one, the user can move whenever he want, the clones will do EXACTLY what he/she does but if they attack, they won’t do any damage. Also, they can’t do certain skills like Prism Trap and they are stuck with the weapon the Trickster was using before creating the clones. You can’t upgrade this skill.

That’s all. If somebody have another idea, feel free to add it here !!! If you don’t agree with something, tell me why (it can help after all) ! And if you think these ideas are great, VOTE for this topic !!! More votes = more chance for these suggestions (along with yours in the comments) to be seen by the devs !!!

I remember that this was a move in early beta, but it was trash and only threw one knife. I’d like to see this return and see how it’ll play out in the current meta.

Well, the weapon throw of hunter was supposed to be the weapon you’re using. But knife throw really throw many knives basically XD. They are faster, goes further. Maybe it should scales on STR like arrows for range/pierce ? I think that would be rly cool !

Edit : Would like to see it back too but in THIS version for assassin, much better in my opinion!

Don’t see the need to remove it. It fits the Assassin playstyle excellently, working as a burst and speed skill.

Everything else sounds good though.

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It is hard to explain but, I think it would be much better like that because an assassin does not go invisible, it is too fast to be seen and use the environment at his advantage, that’s the furtivity basically. Similar to invisibility but you’re not truly invisible (slightly) and since the speed/jump buff is stronger than shadow walk’s then you’re “too fast for an eye to follow you”. Not sure if I was clear but it’s my idealistic view of an assassin.

Also, look at Trickster’s part. I think that Trickster should be the one to go invisible to be more “tricky”.
Your point of view is correct too. And thanks! Having an opposite opinion helped me a lot!

We gone full circle

Some people still have it actually. Also, if anyone here plays Critical Strike, knife throwing is a Trickster thing. Just wanted to point that out lol

This is just a nerf to shadow walk. So I don’t really agree.

Basically barrage + knife throw. Would feel pretty weird though.

No copy assassin :angry:

Can’t really comment on anything else. Just something to note is please don’t vote your own topics. It’s forum courtesy not to do so.

You’re right, I did remove my vote. It’s not a nerf to assassin in my opinion, it’s just my own logic. I think Trickster shall be the one to go invisible, this is much more logic and furtivity still makes it a bit invisible (no mobs aggro and harder to follow with your eyes too with the speed/jump boost).
Barrage + knife throw ? It’s not weird in my opinion and it fits very well the assassin’s gameplay as assassins can also throw their knife at a very fast speed (and throw many knives at once too), it’s once more about logic.

I agree with the fact that it can be counted as a nerf since the speed isn’t as high as shadow walk’s but the strong jump boost greatly compensate (and it is also a part of why I added a strong jump boost too). Also, the aggro of mobs would also be nullified by Furtivity, what’s the interest of being furtive if the mobs can still aggro you ? If I add furtivity to trickster, ppl would say that this is something for assassin anyway so, there is nothing I can do about that.

Since Shadow Walk is renamed to “Disappearance” and that for Assassin it become “Furtivity”, it’s not a copy, here you can say that what you said is weird :+1:

Critical Strike sometimes doesn’t follow any logic…knife throwing is definitely something an ASSASSIN should know. It’s much more realistic than a trickster throwing knives instead of “tricking” ppl XD

Oh also, I’ve renamed “Knife Throw” to “Knives Barrage”. Since knife throw already exist in Vesteria…adding another Knife Throw is weird I agree XD