Assassin Ability

Haven’t seen any people talk about this but there was a new sneaky peak yesterday. It had this GIF

What do you guys think of this?

Wait… HMMMM. you can see a red bomb and a lot of other stuff… also look at the rocks. HMMMMMMM


Invisibility sounds great, especially if you’re trying to get at treasure guarded by enemies! If I wasn’t loyal to the warrior gods, I’d definitely pick assassin.

Yeah, I’m super excited to flesh out Hunters as a class and also the Assassin subclass.

I’m thinking a few things in terms of stealth in Vesteria and how that’d function, if anyone wants to provide feedback on it.

  • In terms of stealth, stealth works as breaking line-of-sight of all nearby entities. What does this mean?
    – You cannot be targettted by point-and-click abilities while stealthed
    – You cannot be locked on by aim-assist in Vesteria while stealthed
    – Monsters will not be able to aggro onto you while stealthed

  • Players looking at stealthed units (ie a player) will be able to see a transparent silhouette (about 80% transparent) of them, UNLESS they are in-combat with them.
    – If you are in-combat with someone stealthed nearby, you will not be able to see them at all.

  • Stealth will immediately break if any of the following conditions are met:
    – Player initiates an attack or spell-cast
    – Player is hit by any damage
    – Stealth duration expired


Can’t wait to try it out when it comes!

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Also, will stealth slightly increase movement speed to get around enemies quicker? And be a bit more “stealthy”?

Are hunters or any of the other classes getting anymore abbilites? or will we only have 3 abbilites till we get our subclasses?