Asking for new weapons for hunter

I need to know all new dagger, bow and armor stats for hunter (at dunes map only)

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Ballista, teruls tallon, water jug, new mask. 50 dex, 10 int and rest str

What mask and where can I buy it?

Its at gauntlet, dont remember what it was called but it gives 25 dex

Also wdym by 50 dex?

Get 50 dex. New dex perk lets your basic shoot more arrows. 50 makes you shoot 3

That explains why I shoot 3 arrow at once when I wear mogloko mask lol.

moglo or mogloko masks are better then the new mask*

Naw moglo and mogloko waste stat points if you want the other stats. Ots easier to get the 25 and stoll have more points leftover for allocation

-4 isnt that bad of a defect for a +30

18 vs 25 stat points with sand mask. You would be able to spend more pts in other stats for certain builds.

well yeah but, ranger gang

What do negative stat points even do if you already had no points in them? (Example: I have 0 INT and the mogloko mask takes away INT, what would that do)

it gives minus stat points basically it does nothing but make it harder on you to use that stat because you have to spend more points