Artificer's Hat Suggestion

Currently when I was looking at this hat “Artificer’s Hat” I saw that It said “The crystals on the brim of this hat capture errant magic in the case of a failed enchantment” So far I though that this hat made a scroll always work and if not at least stop the weapon/item from getting destroyed in the event of a failed scroll. Yesterday March 17, 2020 I used a few cursed on a weapon hoping to get it legendary however I found that my weapon was destroyed.

I’m not sure how this hat work’s if this is just a bug or that is just the description and doesn’t mean any thing but here are my suggestions on this hat;

  • First it should be made so that it always make’s up to(Ex. great and ancient) a cursed scroll work.
  • Second the description should be changed if it doesn’t save an item from a failed scroll.
  • Last it might be able to not take a chance away if a scroll doesn’t work and keep it with however many upgrade attempts you have left.

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it doesn’t save an item from a failed scroll, plus the description says that it captures errant magic, not guaranteed scrolling

Errant magic is magic that isn’t it’s proper standard meaning that it’s magic from an enchantment that not normal.

it captures magic from the failed scroll, not guaranteed scrolling

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Okay I guess your right, was good for me to ask anyway.

Descriptions on items is an example of what is commonly known as “flavor text”, essentially text which provides some “lore” on an item, without affecting the gameplay of the item itself.

Statistics and perks are the only thing which affect gameplay on an item. The Aritficer’s Hat’s “INT +25” is not flavor text, since it describes what it does. Perks on certain weapons (example, Venom Bomb on Webbed Staff) also are not flavor text as they describe what the item does.

In addition, all of the suggestions (except #2) you have provided are ridiculously overpowered perks. Scrolls are generally meant to be the most luck-based part of the game. By removing the risk of them, it turns scrolls into just “something to collect and put on your weapon whenever”.

In terms of #2, an item shouldn’t require a paragraph to explain what it can and cannot do. No one (as far as I can tell) has gotten upset that their Warrior armour doesn’t block every hit and prevent them from taking damage because it’s large and made with durable metals and therefore should be resilient to most forms of physical attack. Why does the Artificer’s Hat deserve special treatment in that way?

I do think that it should, perhaps, have its description change to be less ambiguous, but I don’t think drastic measures are necessary.

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