Artero guild the guild for relaxing and doing some raids :D

Welcome to the artero guild! The guild has been created by Supercool21567. We are a guild that like to chill and relax and do some dungeon raids or sometime some GVG We accept all people from different country’s and all language (as soon as we get some translators that can translates language) this is our discord link as we will host some raids and dungeon like i said before. you can also chat and relax and play pokecord :P.

logo created by supercool21567 (me! :D)

the real logo was a purple background but couldn’t found it

our meeting place is normally port fildo since it a nice place to sit and drink tea or coffee (maybe orange juice :3 ) and talk about things

thank for reading this post and i really hope that you join our guild :smiley:

let me do you a favor and shield you from the spray


double wall

too bad Im sure that waterwolf quit.

Its better to be safe

Good luck on the guild
@WaterWolfX @Knifehunter00 you guys know what to do
Anti Guild spray walls do nothing

extra coating

Good luck with your guild.


Sometimes i wish there is a clown reaction

get walled off

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thanos has snapped and your ladder is gone
better luck next time

cant be destroyed loser

it wasn’t destroyed
it was…
no matter what substance it is
it’s matter can always be i don’t feel so good-ed

this is evaporating

damn son what enchantments are those



Holup that is actually a genius way to get cash

What is that logo?