Arrows should do more damage the closer they are to a target

As the title says, arrows should be doing more damage the shorter the distance you are from the enemy, and also doing much less damage the longer the distance you are from the enemy, especially in PVE.

This is my really honest input, and it is because every god dang time I do a SQR with at least 1-2 rangers, I will never get ANY loot, I’m not even joking.

This is what happens with 2 rangers, and though I don’t have a picture for it, a party with like 4 rangers leaves me with actually legit nothing.

There’s no way you can just come to me and say that there’s no problem, when I’ve done the same potions before battle every time and the same dang results occur. Parties with rangers gives no loot, while parties without rangers gives at least 1 scroll or spider essence.

In a way, this can be a win-win for rangers, because rangers won’t be bored sitting on a pillar and spamming their left click and not even having to think, to space out in Vesteria.

With arrows doing more damage the closer they are to the enemy, they can actually get in the battle, to dodge the poison, to run away from the spiderlings, and to jump whenever the spider queen wants to slam.

To all rangers out there looking and probably taking a hit on this because this effects you, how would you feel if you, a class that has to get close to the spider queen to even do damage, gets knocked up in the sky while seeing the spider queen’s health rapidly deteriorating from rangers shooting the spider queen, and not even moving?

Not a bad idea, it should lose power over distance

indeed, im pretty sure air drag would make the arrow weaker

I believe this was actually an idea back in the mid-alpha “nerf ranger” era. Doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea, working to keep enemies away from rangers in PvP and making dodging more important in battle.

Plus, it removes incentive for pillar shooting the Spider Queen as you mentioned because as you know that’s the worst thing ever.

remember when it was mid beta melee people would do like 300 damage and rangers would do like 1000 per crit per barrage arrow

oh god no. those were dark times :frowning:

and the only things that can defeat them were ground slam and exacute

If rangers wanted to do damage close up they would be using daggers. If you want ranged damage fall off then it would have to start from pretty far because nobody wants to play a fragile ranged damage dealer just to get close.

There’s multiple character slots, I’m sure you could afford to set a single one aside for a pure DPS class so you can loot enemies well.

i want them to be in the same risk as mages in the magic basic ability era, not so close to need to use a mobility ability and react so quick, but not too far so that you can’t get hit by venom puddles and such

and also technecially now because we stay a bit far but not too far since magic bomb is hard to aim from afar due to its gravity and slowness (meaning boss walking can dodge it well).

you have barrage, arrow rain thingy, and the stance, which is better than daggers but arrow based

also still have the choice of hurting enemies from afar, but this is to get in with the crew

heres a diagram, im serious about this idea
@geo_cant_draw i hope you enjoy :wink: my art

this is a bandage solution, i shouldnt need to have a “good slot” to feed my bad one

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I don’t think the game is perfect but it’s not right to change it just because you can’t get loot. To me personally, making a DPS character helped me out a lot with that.

I’m not even against changing up damage formulas, even if it were similar to what you said. But you have to keep in mind, the appeal of rangers is:
-good single target damage
-playing safe from a distance

With the new stamina changes not allowing people to run, it’s not going to be good for rangers if they cant be safe. If you pick a fragile ranged class, the last thing you want to be doing is taking damage, especially after the nerf that is stamina reintroduction. I just think it’s a terrible idea to take away one of the only things rangers are good for without giving them something in return. Like if you’re going to make arrows do less damage from farther, they better gain a truckload of bonus damage to make up for it. Because without the safety and damage, you just have a fragile character with underwhelming damage, especially after you can’t click and hold, and you can’t run vs. enemies due to stamina. At that point I might as well just be building full damage on a different class because then I can at least clear out waves of enemies, like the spiderlings.

Look, just because you have the potential to be safe from a distance, it doesn’t mean you should be just AS op as someone who DOES have to go inside the combat. See that mage in my diagram? He’s not a tank, he’s in the same position as the ranger but WITH LESS DPS.

And in response to your DPS character thing, that shouldn’t be the case

Alright, lets backtrack. Why am I telling rangers to be in danger, to think more than just clicking (Click and hold is no longer an option, but seriously, that isn’t even a problem because warriors and such have to deal with it too).

Why is there stamina? So you feel in danger, so you are not going to zone out in Vesteria. This is an attention-seeking game, and Berezaa wants that kinda thing seeing how he added Stamina & removed the auto attack. Why would you ever invite a Ranger to your party if they’ll just take all your loot? What’s the teamwork in this, the mages to clean out the spiderlings, the warrior to tank and buff the teammates, and then Rangers to just seal the deal and end the Spider Queen quickly and swiftly and in exchange, they get every single Cursed Scroll, Spider Essence, and Ancient scrolls.

This is a problem, you can not deny that seeing how all rangers do is sit on a pillar and just hurt their fingers spamming the left click after finding a spot for their mouse to rest on the boss.

I’m not telling you to be as close as a melee hunter or a warrior, I’m telling you that you (rangers) should be standing back to back with the mages while they both dodge (remember you have double jump) and shoot our projectiles and if we have to, clean out the spiderlings before attacking the boss again because we’re in danger.

Currently, if spiderlings come out the Spider Queen, you don’t have to worry even one single bit. You won’t even flinch if a million come, just keep spamming and spamming and spamming your left click.

Yes I agree. Ranger does a ton of dps without getting a scratch on them, just like the old days when SQR wasn’t a dungeon.

If the change does go through then you shouldn’t be surprised when nobody wants to play the class. At that point I’d just be switching to mage because it would just be better.

If you like dying in a game, then maybe your idea is good. Personally I just look at the game like an RPG where people are just grinding for XP anyway, as most RPGs are. There’s not going to be a whole lot you can do that can make the game not braindead. Making people weaker through less damage and the stamina system is just annoying.

I just don’t see why it’s such a problem that people shooting safely from a distance. That’s the advantage the class has. Take it away, and what keeps people on the class? Warriors and mages both got plenty of area attacks so they can clear, and warriors have a lot more beef on them. Mages still get to keep the range advantage while being able to clear large amounts of mobs. The reason bow users do so much damage, other than getting to continuously attack, is because most of their damage is single target, and that’s just where they excel. It’s natural they take bosses down with that kind of advantage. The same way I suck at XP farming on a ranger because any time I get any enemies grouped, a Warrior can just come over and ground slam and mages can just AoE lightning or bomb everything. They just have the advantage. You don’t see me calling for nerfs on them, because I accept that people will just try to steal my things and thats a disadvantage of the class. And why when I play warrior, I don’t expect to get a ton of boss loot because I don’t build my warrior for damage and I have to be mindful of my HP. Just a disadvantage I have on the warrior.

Damage gets you loot, and if you aren’t getting loot, you need more damage. Whether it’s a “bandaid fix” or not, I don’t see why it’s a bad solution. You can do that, or ask for an overall bow nerf when hunters already have drawbacks, and that affects everybody playing that.

Anyway even if it’s a problem to you, those people probably don’t see it as a problem, because they’re doing it the right way.

Barrage, arrow rain, what is even the risk of doing ranger stance anymore?

Ranger stance has a weakness, and that is because im pretty sure you cant move much. This is unfair to other classes that are support, that can clear enemies. How is it fair that rangers get more loot with less effort?

Ranger is not the only class, there are 8 different variants, Assassin, Trickster, Sorcerer, Cleric, Warlock, Berserker, Knight, and Paladin. You are only supporting one class to be the most supreme, the Ranger.

You have other abilities, the offhand dagger in case you want to shadow step and your AoE is your arrow rain thingy.

People would keep playing ranger for the same reason on why people keep playing with stamina. It’s a bad thing at first but they know that it’s just going to be “Oh, I step on a ground of spiderlings, I’ll just jump and sprint a little to avoid getting damaged without flaw” without stamina.

This is the goal of Vesteria, whether you like it or not.

A bandaid solution is bad, because all you’re doing is telling me “Ranger op? Play ranger fixed.”

you aren’t getting the point, you should be dodging, jumping, and all the other fun stuff

instead you climb on a pillar, get your mouse to be where its perfect, and spam left click and adjust every once in a while

that’s not the attention seeking gameplay Berezaa is looking for

Another note that I’d like to put, no, I am not telling you that Rangers should be removed of their ability of single target superiority. You can still annihilate these bosses, but I don’t like it when you’re doing really good damage and there’s no risk. The ranger stance is crazy good, that thing can be like a machine gun really. I’m not angry that it exists, I’m angry because rangers are able to use its full potential without harm.

You currently have no weaknesses, only strengths:

  1. You can deal decent dps to bosses
  2. You can’t be dealt damage to

Here’s a mage’s weaknesses:

  1. Medium range shooting, can still be harmed

And strengths:

  1. Can clear out threats with good AoE

Here’s a warrior’s weaknesses:

  1. Really close range and pretty much exposed to things like spiderlings since their AoE is good but not as good as mages

And strengths:

  1. Tanky and can implement buffs and such

Here’s what I think ranger’s weaknesses and strengths should be:


  1. Can’t clear spiderlings as well as warrior & mage
  2. Medium range so still potentially vulnerable


  1. (Really good strength) You can deal decent dps to bosses (exact same)

The arrow rain has a 15 second cooldown so it’s not a reliable means to clear waves of enemies, especially if you can’t keep them in the area as most melee enemies will be running after you at that range.

And I’m not saying that playing it is a good solution. I just don’t think it’s a bad one. It’ll solve your problem of not getting loot if you’re having that hard of a time. You could also just build full damage into any of the other classes which is probably what I’m going to do with a warrior.

I don’t think it’s perfect either but as I said before you’re going to have to compensate them after all the nerfs they’ve had with stamina being introduced and currently no click-hold. If you want to solely nerf their damage you’re going to have a piss poor class to play. That’s just the truth about it.

I’m reading your addendum as I’m typing this, and I like your idea about having to have more engaging gameplay. I honestly do. As I said before, compensation buff would be the way to go if you did this, so if the devs made hunters a lot more mobile and bouncy so it negated the stamina re-implementation nerf, I’d be 100% cool with losing some long long range damage. And especially with gaining short range damage. I’m just telling you, with the state of things as of current patch, if you were to do that to hunters, they would be piss poor to play. At least using bow. And also you’re wrong about not having weaknesses. Hunters are fragile (obviously) since most build full damage and have bad AoE. Always have people murdering mobs, or groups of mobs, I’m trying to kill and snatching away my XP just because they happen to have ground slam or something. They already can’t clear out spiderlings as well as warrior and mage because they’re so stupid fast and as mentioned before, you have to keep them in the area which isn’t as big as it seems like it’d be.

already pointed it out:

I don’t care about me, I want everyone to enjoy (My bandaid solution is not inviting rangers). There’s no way you can get every new player to just like “Oh yeah, rangers are the meta so you can’t really have the loot unless you’re ranger, sorry!”

It’s just not reliable and not suitable for Vesteria, a high quality game.

In exchange for a really good DPS tradeoff, there’s gonna be a risk for everything. I’m not too educated on hunter skills, but is there like an escape skill rangers have or is that just a bad memory that’s making up things?

Rangers are like the high risk high reward in my eyes for the future

There shouldn’t be a surefire total escape from death in the SQ battle or any other dungeon battle really. People die in these boss battles, and it’s normal.

unless you are a cleric or is revived by a cleric, then you’ve got a good team :wink:

I can see why you’re concerned if you care more about the party, but you said yourself they have “really good DPS.”

In a game where dps = loot, that’s just going to be the natural way things go. Unless they end up getting out-DPS’d by a stronger mage or warrior (because all classes can still blow things up, ya know.) If you nerf hunters to the point they have to constantly be in danger while being hamstrung by stamina, and the fact that they have to be slow while shooting and can’t do shoot while jumping, it’s not going to be high risk high reward. It’s going to be high risk no reward, because you’ll always be dead. Or dealing with trash damage while staying safe when they’re supposed to be high damage.

Also, shunpo is 5 seconds cooldown with a moderate dash forward. It could save you maybe but it really depends on how many enemies are after you and how fast they are. Some enemies are pretty fast.

Remember that melee hunters arent actually that good at AoE against spiderlings either, especially with their short blades. To make it short and simple, yes, there will be more risk, but even as a mage i run from giant spiderlings. If you were against a group of spiderlings, youd have 3 options, run, shoot with arrows (arrow rain can be a choice), or shadow step with offhand dagger

Its high risk high reward, you wont survive 100 percent of the time this time and mistakes are now an option

Really less options because shooting slows you down, or stops you in arrow rain’s case, which gets you killed.

Can’t run very well with stamina, especially with how slippery or ridged the game’s terrain is sometimes.

The shunpo doesn’t give that much distance as I said and it has a 5 second cooldown.

So realistically you’d have to just sacrifice a bunch of damage and spend most of the time running, which as I said isn’t that reliable with stamina.