Arrows not despawning, (maybe) causing insane lag

About 3/4 of the time I load into Dunes, I get insane lag with casting abilities. I’m a Warlock, and casting Pillage Vitality is usually pretty fast. Instead, it is extended by 2-3 times the usual speed. I had assumed that this was due to being in servers with high amounts of people. “Okay then,” I thought to myself, “I’ll just go to a small server.”

On this small server, I still had the same issue. I was wondering what the issue was when I happened upon this lovely sight:

There were a ridiculous amount of arrows floating in mid-air, completely motionless. I assume this is what is causing the lag for casting abilities. Regardless, this definitely does not look like a planned feature.

Yeah, this is a known bug and has been posted before

Ah, my bad then. I searched for similar posts but didn’t find anything.

Previously reported. Please check if a bug has been reported prior to making a new post next time.