Are we going to get more abbilites?

Are we ever going to get more abilities for our normal 3 classes? or are we going to have to wait for our subclasses? right now i’m hesitant of spending skill points for the knife throw for my Hunter. And the skill point on Ground Pound on my warrior. So i’d be really usefull if i could know if we’d be getting more abilities or not. And if we do will we do will we be able to respec our skill point or stats at any moment? maybe having to have to buy a skillbook that resets that or something and i’d cost around 100 to 200 silver. @berezaa @Polymorphic

In-game, berezaa said he was making a new passive for warrior called Guard. It would provide you temporary defense whenever you use a skill, and that defense would make you take only half the HP you would take from an enemy. Something like that.

For other classes, I do not know, but I have some ideas for them