Are we getting more abilities?

Are we getting more abilities? Or is this it? As of right now i have like 5 ability skill point saved on my warrior and 3 skill points that i can’t even use on my hunter. Are they going to add more or will this be it until they add in the subclasses.

Cause the last thing i wanna do is to spend the rest of my skill points on a ability that i barley use just to have the devolopers add in more different abilities that i won’t even be able to try out or use.

Hunter will receive shunpo

Mages will receive a new skill or some sort

Warriors will get a passive guard thing

There is going to be Shunpo for hunters next update.

Warriors will get a Guard passive

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i really hope they will give us the abilities to reset our skill points. Cause the last thing i want is to find out that shunpo has 10 upgrade slots and Guard passive has 10 upgrade slots, but eh will see.

Take a look at blink. It has 5 skill points useable on it.

Guard could be x/1 I think

Shunpo will likely be x/5, as a level 30 hunter would be able to max shunpo

what is Guard?

Berezaa said it would be a passive which would involve using skills to get temporary defense. That defense would half the damage you receive. Ground Pound would give the most defense

half the damage? that’s a lot of defense…

Hunters will definitely get a few more abilities besides Shunpo to go along with the Bow weapon.

I don’t expect Hunters to be able to max all their Hunter skills, you’ll likely have to pick Dagger or Bow as your primary weapon and max its associated skills. You’ll be able to max some of the others, or at least put points into them, but not max all of them.

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Can’t wait to make another hunter save to make a bow-oriented hunter

cool, bleach reference?

No I don’t watch anime

Will we be able to reset our skill points? I know that there will be an item that resets your stat. But what about the our skill points?

Ops this was meant to Polly

lol, good.