Are we getting a play test today?

So we getting play test today or are they gonna wait with that and just have the paid accesss rerelease instead? the smart thing to do would let us play the play test that way more people would get to know about this game due its in game popularity and willing to buy the game next week then just having the game under the radar for most people. @berezaa

And to test out how the game will go, doesn’t have to be today either. Maybe a quick free playtest right before PA. To ensure a smooth release.

I Like The Phrase

It Sounds Nice And Totally Not Sarcasm.

made a typo ops.

Do Ya Want To Fix It?

Meh doesn’t really matter

how much robux do you think they’ll release it for?

800 robux proably.

Unconfirmed but maybe

Jesus Christ–Why do you think that high?

Dude, the devs confirmed 1k robux access but now it might be 800 for permanent access