Are these things coming out? if so, when?

so i’ve wondered if the badlands was just an idea. it had been planned out, but i don’t think the devs have done anything to do with making it yet. also, release date on the new whispering dunes dungeon? who will the boss be? what will the level requirement be? what loot will there be? also crafting. that has been mentioned many times but i have no idea if and when it is going to come out. and master classes. those have also been mentioned. if you know the answer to one of these questions, please tell me

You know I think you’ll just have to wait for that information kiddo.

Badlands is just a concept, no work has been done on it yet

No confirmed information on the Dunes Dungeon yet, but I’m guessing it might take a while

Crafting is pretty much confirmed but it also has no release date

Solid subclasses are going to be removed with the next major update, so ‘master subclasses’ will be more like a reallllllly long quest to get each subclass’s Ultimate move. One slot can technically complete all the subclass ultimate quests, but its gonna be a lot of hard work. No confirmed release date on this either

Maybe not always a LOOOONG quest but definitely a hard one.

I’m pretty sure a mage can only learn mage ultimates. So this means that when you max out a slot, you unlock 1/3 of the full gameplay.

k thanks

yes that is true, when i made this i had forgot about the subclass removal thing sorry lol
also, you could theoreticly get all abilitys from assassin, ranger, and trickster, but they would just be crap dmg, and you would have no ap left for keeping item/armor ableites
and would just really be the worst player in the game instead of besst, but im exited for subclass removal cuz ill prob be a tranger, with level one switch strike, lvl 10 disengage, lvl 10 shadow flurry, lvl 10 hail or arrows(or stance idk yet) and if i still had ap left i would get step through shadow.
but anyways, thanks fr the info