Are sub classes/ Job Advancment going to be a thing in the paid access?

I know that eventually we will get sub classes/job advancment i’m just wondering if their already finished. Maybe their unlocked at level 30? considering this game is taking heavy inspiration from mapelstory

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Patience young one.

Since The Paid Alpha Will Have A Level Cap Of 30, I Believe, Having Sub-Classes Open At Level 30 Would Do Nothing For The Game For Multiple Weeks, You’ll Have People Who Take Forever To Get To It, Due To The Fact We Have No Real High Level Enemies.

Then again it wouldnt be boring since you can make multiple slots and build up new characters on them with each class.

Honestly, I feel like most of the active players will be max level in the first week if not in the first weekend.

Yep, like me. Then I will try out all classes.

Which Class Are You Going To Go? Also Will You Perhaps Time Yourself?

I will try warrior out first because it seems like the most complete and balanced class atm.

sub-classes won’t be a thing in paid-alpha (at least on launch) but it will be a thing in the far future so all you have left to do is wait.