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I might run out of stock. Trying to update everyday!


Moko Maul: 300s
Moko Sheild: 300s
Spider Leg Bow (w/ one ancient)


Ratty Vest: 1g (2)
Yeti Boots: 100s (1)
Full Glad Armor Set(Yellow Dyed): 3g
Full Mage Mage Set (Red Dyed): 3g


Stack of Mighty Subs : 15s
Stack of Mana Bottles: 20s


Ratty Heads 3s (More than 10)

Dyes (Prob Might Not Sell)

Blue Dye: 150s
Cyan Dye: 250s

What Im LF

Moko Mask
Ancient Scrolls

and im over here thinking meta had the most expensive prices :moyai:

Unless it has cursed on it, what does clean spider leg make a difference?

Ill prob bring it down to 1g

It does have cursed on it

i dont want to have to reset the stats unless its all ancient scrolled