AP (Action Points), or SP (Stamina Points)

Basically, I think that it would be beneficial to add an extra bar underneath the MP, which would be green and say, “AP” or “SP”. This stat would be used for all non-magic abilities and be upgraded by Strength, so that Warriors and Hunters don’t need to upgrade EVERY stat (Warriors especially).

Leave your thoughts below!

What if they used the stamina bar

That would also be good, and that was actually my original idea. I think it would be best for AP or SP, unless they decide to make the Stamina bar an actual bar under MP.

What would be the use of the INT stat tho?

Support classes, and the whole mage line

Yeah, but what about for warriors and hunters which don’t have magic abilities?

Follow Mage’s example and base the stat points needed based on the stat that greatest affects the ability damage.

I mean, a full INT warrior doesn’t look too bad rn, but that’s sacrificing almost half your damage. You would be able to use your skills a lot more, but again, sacrificing a ton of potential damage.

You could go full STR but then you would rarely be able to attack with powerful skills.

As of now, we have decided firmly against this. We want to reward players who distribute their stat points intelligently. We don’t want putting everything into one stat to be the best option.

If you are a warrior and are unhappy with how often you get to use your abilities, invest in some INT. Just a little makes a big difference.