Anyone with ALL level 30 slots?

Anybody achieved that yet? Most level 30s are focused mainly on one character as I’ve seen, and some level 20+ characters all around like me.

I haven’t even hit it once yet. I spend my free time either playing smash or working on Vesteria videos so my time to actually play is rather limited.

I’ve seen some guy at the enchanted forest that was level 30, i haven’t reached that milestone yet simply because i am bored with the content right now but that’s going to change in the future .

If i farmed without stopping i will have 3 lvl 30 slots by the 10th but i stopped playing on the 9th.
I have a lvl 25 Mage, lvl 30 Warrior, lvl 25 Hunter

I have not played a single minute past the 9th, and atm I’m waiting for the new update. Mainly due to disconcerting facts about the game and mainly being bored out of my mind after mass speed farming the game in 3 days non stop.

Probly in the next day or two Pizza will say they do.

I have a level 30 mage and a level 30 warrior. My second slot is a level 15 mage who i messed up the stats on and want to delete, however

I feel ya