Anyone want to make a Bandit-Hunting Guild?

If you’re interested, I’ll make a Guild for the specific purpose of raiding bandit encampments. I just want to be able to keep track of how many I raid, and honestly idc who joins as long as they’re at least semi-active.
All classes and subclasses welcome.
Reply to this thread if interested.

I’m In a guild with my brother, could i be like seperated but still in your guild

Ye sure, but your raids wouldn’t count toward this guild’s total. I honestly don’t care, I just wanna find some people who play fairly reliably.

Thats Me, i play everyday on 1 of my 3 lvl 40+ slots
(im working on lvl 22 mage)

Nice. You’re in, I’ll make the Guild when I can get on next (might be a while ngl).

I Might have to join un-officially
Wanna Join myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guild
Pls Say yesssssss

Yes. That works.

anyone have sq crown

My little brother does, I could probably get it in a few hours of grinding if I can find a reliable party. You might have seen my little bro on the forums, SoulBurn66?

im in the market to buy >:D

Alr. You do know that it gives +7 DEX +7 STR +7 INT and +7 VIT now right? It’s actually pretty good statwise, honestly it’s the best headgear for a max Adventurer save.

with great head gear scrolls >:D

OOO YEAH!!! Let’s see, Great HEadgear increases all modifiers by 2, three upgrade slots on crown, assuming all successful, that’s +13 DEX +13 STR +13 INT and +13 VIT… HOLY CRAP THAT’S OP.

Welp, I know what the next thirty hours of gameplay will entail for me. Getting Crown, getting enough great headgears to max it on great headgear, and probably getting a couple holies because my luck is bad… Oh wait I need to get my mage save levelled up.
It’s probably gonna take me that long (at least) to get crown and get enough great headgear (only drop from Yeti oof)

You cannot upgrade Spider Queen’s Crown. It’s gold tier by default.


Oof, oh well.

have you heard about the holy crusade? :pensive: