Anyone like this update? and useless items

Stamina is the worst thing you could improve to the game I didn’t saw anyone that will say it’s a good update you can only die or walk 5 minutes to someplace.

Collision is garbage you can block people walk walking or kick them when they are jumping on parkour.

useless items:
Ratking bucket
Snel helmet
Rubee halo
and for me its mogloko and moglo mask because it gives only 18 stat points (30-12=18) so you can get a lot more stats with normal hats that give you only 19(dex, int or str)

I’m just gonna say that Vesteria is a little to clunky for me rn. I’ll come back maybe next update when they add fixes and additions to features such as stamina, exp, and others.

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Yeah, I actually really liked this update.

I agree that some of those items are pretty useless. (But you can flex with the crown.) Also, I think that the Mogloko and Moglo mask are actually really good because they give you a full 30 stat points in dex and str. That’s 10 levels worth.

In my opinion, collision isn’t that bad. It sure does make bosses like the tiki boss harder but it’s not too difficult to get hits in. Also, you can make a handstand tower.

In addition to all of this; the exp curve. The max level was raised to 45 so people had a goal to grind towards. (Some nerds stayed in the sewers for a day and a half killing bats to get there.) It made it easier to grind to higher levels and made playing the game much for enjoyable.

Ahh, here comes stamina. As an alpha player, I know stamina was hated throughout most of the alpha by a multitude of players. (Myself included.) Alpha players are basically Vesteria boomers so it was much harder because we couldn’t raise our stamina bar. This is Berezza’s game and if he wants to, he can add stamina back. If it’s too difficult, go play a low-effort simulator game. Stamina makes the game different from others and provides a challenge for players. The only thing I would dislike about stamina is the fact that double jumping costs .5 stamina. Hunters should be faster than mages and warriors but are normally slower because of the stamina that Yeti Boots and Steel Boots give. Still a good update.

Mogloko & Moglo mask good.
Collision isn’t that bad.
Exp curve good.
Stamina good. Get gud nerd.


Stamina at this point is just clunky and if I hear another, “IT makes it a simulator, get gud lol”, I’ll just say, that if I wanted to get good I would play an MMO who has a good stamina system.

Snel Helm is actually not useless at all! It is a really good Paladin helmet because they can gain free INT for their skills!

I think the point is that MMOs literally don’t have Stam systems that hinder movement

Is that good or bad?

Up for preference? Id personally like the game to be more in-depth in the form of having optimal rotations of skills than just having to hold and let go shift every 3 seconds and claim it adds immersion

exactly, people are acting like because they added a clunky system. IT makes things “realistic”.

ok boomer

you can get a lot more potions from steel helmet from the shop because paladin have to go in str too so he will have the same str but you can put more points in int
same with rat king bucket