Anybody know about the trickster rework?

so i know there is a trickster rework planned. i am hyped beacuse i have a trickster and i reborned from a max ranger to try it, and it kinda crap unless i doing sqr. i rlly want to know what the rework will add, and i hope somebody knows.
i am very pumped for this, and i dont even know much about it
also, anybody know WHEN its comming?
its been hinted that they may get simulacrum, beacuse warlock gonna lose it and trickster being reworked, so that maks sence, but idk if that is confirmed

Currently, the developers have other things on the table than a trickster rework, like the Ability Rework, Subclass Mastery, The Pit, and more dungeons.

The Trickster rework will happen when berezaa decides to do one.

ok thanks. im honestly more exited for duengions so im half glad tbh, trickster is fun to play. they should atl do more dmg with disengage tho