Any word on the strange "billy" screen?

I vaguely remember seeing something like it in the console while playing in seaside beach. I assume it’s a game-breaking bug?

If you’re not sure what i’m talking about, go to the Mushroom Forest literally at any time.

Billy Is A Nice Guy, Don’t Insult Him!

Yes. I too am a Billy praiser.

Just curious if any information has come out. Perhaps @berezaa has an explanation?

Please share a screenshot if you see this!!!

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Aditonally, members from here have shared it aswell

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@OverseerBrandon HES REAL

Hi, i entered mushroom forest and all the shrooms aren’t moving and i have the billy message too

Note: no im not new at the game, just making a new file

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Should be fixed in new servers.


Yep fixed for me thanks.