Any tips for trading on Roblox?

So, about a year or two ago, I started to try out trading on Roblox, but I haven’t been very successful. I used the Chrome extension Roblox+ to get a quick look on new limiteds to buy, but now it kind of stopped working for some reason. Anyway, I heard from OG Roblox traders that old items became valuable limiteds, and they had built their RAP to the hundreds of thousands of Robux over a period of years. But, tbh, my own trading has been iffy myself. I’ve been buying BC mostly during the holiday season (October - January), since that is when Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas items come out. About half of the time Roblox+ notifies me early enough to buy the limiteds in stock, but a lot of the time there is just a huge delay and the limited is out of stock by the time I get notified. So I’m not really sure what to do if I can’t cop those limiteds quickly.

So, do any of you guys have any helpful tips for gaining a lot of RAP overtime and making good trades?

bribe them

also get people to say “wow this guy is really good trader”

Pretty garbage tip, but just trade for higher RAP and then sell your limiteds. With the robux you made from selling your limiteds try to buy some items that have a really high value.

Ex. You trade 8k RAP of limiteds that have a value of around 10k, you trade all of that for higher RAP to around like 10, sell the limiteds and get like 7k. Then you buy some higher value limiteds such as Perfectly Legit, and Green Banded Top Hat.

The idea is that you just try and trade for higher RAP until you can buy limiteds with a higher value, which will give you an even higher RAP. I don’t really know what I’m talking about when I give this tip though - as it was just given to me by an old friend - but I hope it helps.

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Wait so I don’t understand the point of trading in the first place unless your gonna wear something you get from the trade… what is rap even for

It is what represents the value of a hat that you can sell or trade for robux or getting expensive hats you like.

GBTH has low demand, perf is hard to get rid of. (its kinda unstable)
Save robux for new faces / hats that will probably go limited.

Value Trading Guide (most people dont RAP trade, so its better to learn how to Value Trade).

To start, you’ll need some robux. Buy some Sinister Branches (go for 2) and a Chill Cap (ODer demand, very useful).

sinister has 3.5k value iirc
chill cap is still 1 (oof)

thats 8.5k value.

upgrade into a space hair which is 8k. The trade you’ll be sending is a .5 op, (overpay) so it should be accepted pretty quickly. (After you’ve sent the trade, type @[insert username (i.e. @whale sent .5 op if the person doesnt have Roblox+).

Downgrade OR Upgrade the space hair into some high demand items. DO NOT accept trades with low demand. They will be stuck in your inventory. (Unless you want to flex RAP {recent price average})

Downgrade = Space Hair -> 2 Sinister Branches + 1 Chill Cap
Upgrade = Sinister Branches + 1 Chill Cap -> Space Hair

When new face series (i.e. Bubble Trouble) come out, buy all of them. (When I used to trade I had ~10k robux as pocket money, you should be fine). Noob Attacks are easy profit, when you think they’re about to peak sell them.

WHEN TRADING, MAKE SURE THE PERSON WHO SENT THE TRADE STILL HAS THE ITEMS. Double trades are very suspicous, make sure the person you’re trading with has a clean background before accepting.

when I used to trade, I got scammed by this method… ;(
This was a 15k overpay for a CF (Roblox Classic Fedora)
I had gotten into trading at the time, and didn’t know about double trade scams. (rip)

If you don’t want to memorize Value use this site.

Try to get rid of Unstable items when they are at their peak.

Wow, I typed alot… :sweat: Honestly the hardest part about trading is starting, and needing BC. The rest is pretty easy! I got a Valkyrie Helm in less than a month!

ill edit if I missed anything

Where to trade: (BC is required)

this was my old rap, when I used to trade. pls dont bully my current rap xd

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I only have three limiteds and my bc just ran out, but trading isn’t really my thing.

whale, please tell me how you got a valk in less than a month. thats insane

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