Any More Classes?

Will there be any more classes rather than Warrior, Mage and Hunter (not counting sub-classes)?

Because I have a Mage that im level 30 on and a Warrior im still working on but I dont want to use my last slot incase a new interesting class might be released later on.

Or unless we get more slots or are able to delete those slots also.

More slots will eventually be available to buy for R$

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Oh alright thanks.

Does anyone know if anymore classes will be added?

We don’t have plans to add more classes, but we’re definitely planning on adding sub-classes (3 per class).


Oh alright thanks.

Why are there 6 books then in the tab

The empty spots are most likely for the sub classes’ books

but u can only pick 1 sub class rite?

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I want a class that uses a scythe or some kind of scythe weapon to be added to the game

edit: The class name could be Reaper O_O

Hmm who knows? In the future, other books will probably be added.

We plan on adventurer --> class --> subclass --> enhancement --> etc

so, for example, you could go from Adventurer --> Hunter --> Assassin --> Death master (still an assassin, just new title and new spells). it’ll go on more.


So enhancement is like a sub-sub class? Or can any class be death master

It’s like an upgrade. Only assassins can be death masters. Then death master can be upgraded again, not sure what though. Just an example.


Can’t wait for subclasses to be added. Any way you can tell us what level we get a Subclass? ; )

man that will be a lot of work on ur part to add all those spells but it sounds epic

O.O so it will be like chained classes

Is there set levels for subclasses and their upgrades?

Just wanted to point out that not having plans for an idea, does not mean they aren’t going to add it, it means that they didn’t originally think of doing it at first.
That being said, if you keep pushing, your idea might just get implemented into the game.

damn! pulled out the dictionary ok!