Any info regarding the deletion of save files?

Forgive my ignorance, as I have no idea if this has been discused before, but I am curious about the profile system right now.

I am looking to reset/delete one of my profiles, but can’t seem to find out how. If anyone can shed light on when this will be a feature, please let me know here.

This feature will most likely be added in the future.

Has there been any mention of it?

Berezaa said that we won’t be able to delete save files, but that there may be NPCs who can rework your skill and stat points, but not all at once. Say you are a mage, and you didn’t want to invest in STR. You could go to a certain NPC who can convert your STR to INT for some silver.

I see, but I still have a major problem

I currently have 2 save files with the warrior alignment, which means I will not be able to play as all three factions.

I hope this in-game stat reset feature will extend to alignments as a subsitute for not having the ability to wipe saves

I asume they will fix this and add certains way to prevent stuff like this.