Any idea why the spider boss is just stationed next to the cliff village?

Not sure if people have noticed this (they probably have), but the spider boss is just in a cavern directly next to the cliff village.

Should’ve looked around prior to me posting this as apparently many people have seen this, but I’d still like to know people’s opinions on it being where it is.

Its been there for months. It is just a model that hasn’t been put to use yet, but the devs are working on making ths spider queen a live boss fight

This wouldn’t be Vesteria without someone new mentioning the Spider Queen every week lol

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I’m aware of the boss fight, and yeah I realized that.

That’s true, but at least I figured out that other people did in fact post about it (despite it being after the matter).

It looks smaller than the spider queen actually…

And its red instead of pink

Yeah, maybe its colors were changed match more like a “queen”