Any good guilds to join? (bit low effort :3)

I have come to the conclusion I don’t have the time to own a guild myself.
Ownership of Mythical has been transferred to Shib.
Now, from now on I’m just going to join someone else’s.

You guys know any good active guilds out there?

I’d recommend SoX, we host tournaments around every weekend to every other weekend with prizes varying from Crowns, cursed scrolls, and masks. If you would like to join I can DM you the link.

potm xd

could you be a bit more descriptive atom

I’m in the SERVER.
I just want you to give me a reason to JOIN PoTM.

uh we’re active and stuff

look at descriptions at #discord-servers to find a well fitted guild for your taste

i thought it’d be better if you guys told me lol
and stop shooting down me post :L