Any Games like Vesteria?

I love Vesteria but am unfortunately level 30. So, therefore, I have nothing to play… the quests are all done, the grinding is done, and the best weapons are in my posession. If you know a RPG game similar to Vesteria, please tell me so (I am in desperate need of a good game).

It doesn’t have to be on ROBLOX but would prefer if so.

Thanks! <3

Well, once you reach level 30 on one save slot, you could start on a new save slot and try a different faction. The game tends to play pretty differently depending on what you pick.

Otherwise, I guess I’d suggest Hero Havoc if you haven’t given it a shot. It’s pretty good, at least in my opinion.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but Hero Havoc has a KNIGHT, WIZARD, and ROUGE.

It kinda sounds like Mage, Warrior, and Hunter

Bawk! (Hero Havoc is just pokemon)

Adventure Story is like the best game next to Vesteria but the updates on that has been really slow ;( rip.



oof without mods it does get boring

I mean, another option would be Swordburst 2, but I don’t personally like it that much, or maybe Dungeon Quest or Treasure Quest, if you enjoy grinding.

I actually don’t know how Dungeon Quest is doing so well. From what I’ve seen, it’s basically the same thing over and over again - go into a dungeon, pop some monsters, get loot, and repeat.

But I guess the Robloxian community is like that - Jailbreak, prehaps the most iconic game of Roblox, was a major success - and all you did was grind the game…

Vesteria got me playing RPG games. I mean I might try Swordburst 2 but from what I’ve heard it’s P2W and takes HOURS to grind without any real entertainment, like quests in Vesteria.

I would much rather buy a game like Black Desert Online, but sadly that costs real money.

Yeah, it’s a bit unfortunate that there’s not many games that you can really compare to Vesteria. I guess it’s also a good thing though, since it makes Vesteria all the more unique.

Absolutely… Well my quest for a new game continues.

Rogue lineage I think its called. That game is pretty much the same as vesteria or you could compare it I gues.

Ummm about that, I’ve heard REALLY bad things on the discord about that.

Yeah I didnt play it but people say its a game that you can compare to Vesteria

play Fantastic Frontier and fill out all of the itempedias (gl with nightmare) :wink:

There are no games as good

A lot of roblox games I enjoy are: Fantastic Frontier, adventure forward 2, hero havoc, Rogue lineage, tower of hell, arsenal, super bomb survival and a bunch of others.

There is Fallout, just avoid the recent one…


Country roads…

Super cube cavern is fun, but early alpha or beta so not much stuff right now