Any Game Suggestions?

Now that Berezaa has confirmed that Vesteria is dead, I need help finding other games to play other than Vesteria for the moment. The games don’t have to be limited to ROBLOX. Thanks.

Is advertising other games allowed on the forums?

I mean, it isn’t against the FAQ.

I recently started to play Tradelands again, it looks simple but once you read all the stuff in the wiki and get into the faction politics oh boy. Hexaria is a really fun game too, those are definitely the two roblox games I will be turning to in case Vesteria dies

Me being the extremely negative person I am, I can only suggest a game that I think the least poorly of since I don’t think positively of any games and that would be Warframe

All my fav games list, pick one

I think Assassin’s creed for a game outside ROBLOX

AR2 and Phantom Forces are games you can come back to and have a lot of things to do

Kind of just been playing Loomian and Project Submus Accudo Demo a lot. PSAD is quite fun once you start learning how to play

yea PSAD is really fun

pLaY OvErWatCh, BeReZaA PlaYs IT tOo

I really enjoy Flee the Facility and Zombie Attack.

games I like

  • Flood Escape 2
  • Booga Booga
  • Jailbreak (ik)
  • Mad City(ik2)
  • Tower Defense Simulator(not really a “simulator”)
  • Car Crushers 2
  • Hypixel Skyblock (if you have minecraft)
  • A lot more I just cant remember
  • World Zero (i mean i guess, I kind of quit it since im sick of dugenon crawlers)
  • Adventure Story (dev stopped developing, making a new game)
  • Vehicle Simulator

boost vector(truly epic racing game), miners haven, recently outside of roblox ive been playing curve fever pro. (if u play curve fever create an account)

also theme park and fe2, big paintball, super cube cavern, and basically all of the games in the post by DeanNoobLeader

boost vector is so p2w

and no theyre not

  • Never even said these games??

i was too lazy to edit lol so i just put those games with reference to ur post

I would recommend playing Call of duty. The best game ever