Anti Wipe Team Of Vesteria

Here’s the Discord for everyone interested.
You can talk about your opinion about why you’re against the wipe with us, we’ll listen.

I’m not here to argue in this thread, so please don’t promote the wipe on this post. Do that somewhere else.

k but y tho

Questions in the server please.

So I went into the Discord to see if there were any valid arguments and to politely debate.


Aaaand I got banned within minutes.

I just wanted to express my beliefs on the whole situation. I was open to all statements against the wipe in the server, even willing to change my mind.

Let me fix that, obviously something happened.

Okay, try again.

it’s full of a ton of 12 year olds lol

i tried explaining how listening to the community isnt always the best option and i got banned for “putting myself on a developer tower” LOL

i’ve run a community once. simulator or not, i know what its like to be in a situation like this for balancing things and making big changes

overall the server is toxic and theyll shut out anyone who doesn’t agree with them

also they’re DM advertising in the discord, gonna get on that

Welp, there goes what I just said right on the post

maybe dont ban people for voicing their opinion :slight_smile:

so far your opinion is “f*** it, wipe everyone, even if they did nothing wrong”

what a proud anti-wiper

all i was trying to say is that listening to the community for giant situations like these and seeking actual advice from them is stupid

a bunch of teenagers will know how to play your game, and the social state of the game
they won’t know how to drive your game in the best direction

community should be treated as a majority vote, not as an actual place to seek advice

but of course your 12 year old server will just cry about the full wipe that isnt going to happen anyway
who cares if you quit? go on

oh boy isn’t it great to talk about things that won’t ever happen

bigbrain right there. i can smell the iq

@WaterWolfX close post? all it really does is invite toxicity
people don’t actually debate in that server its just a toxic wasteland lol

and the post will invite more toxicity from those banned (you can see i let myself get carried away a bit.)
also a bit little low effort

Please stop arguing.