Anti-Class Exclusive Bosses

I know this idea is for far in the game’s development, but I have an idea of bosses that are exclusive to certain classes to fight, maybe they could be the main antagonist for each class’s hideout/stronghold. They would have traits that would make it challenging for that certain class to defeat, while scoping out that class’s weaknesses. It would make an even more unique story for each individual faction. At the endgame, possibly all the factions could combine to defeat the three main faction antagonists. Would be very interesting to see.
For instance, Mages would have to fight a quick, melee boss that resists magic attacks or something like that.

I never really thought of this. Awesome suggestion, though I cannot say that the devs haven’t thought of this.
You remember that each class has it’s own tunnel? And how in each tunnel, there were caves and stuff like that? I do know this for a fact, but maybe the devs were already planning on adding bosses in each tunnel for each class for us to fight.
But if not, I am very glad you suggested it.

The devs did say something about altered stories for each class based on their faction, but I suggested this for them to have an idea of how it would work.

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