Another way to get money Idea

So the only ways to get money at the moment is killing monsters and doing quests.
I was thinking that maybe there should be another way to get money.
There should be like jobs like farming or mining to get money?


Already is trading, you can sell loot too.

Other ways to get money would be awesome. Having skills like farming, fishing and mining or just some fun little mini games to get so extra gold or items would be a great way to add more content to the game and keep players coming back.

Also I just had a crazy idea for a new feature, so prepare your body for that.

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I personally think the big bank area in the castle area is going to be a future marketplace where people can sell and buy items from other players globally.

What If That Bank Area Is A Bank And You Can Deposit And Withdraw Money From It Whilst Getting Interest On Your Money?


I Do Realise The Interest Could Leave The Game With Infinite Money So It May Not Be The Best Idea.

Interest could be monthly, like 5% more money p/month