Another Event?!

@everyone Welcome to our second event! This event will be in a game called “Bullet Hell” the reward is undetermined, please post your ideas in #general using this prompt:


  1. “First Place Prize”
  2. “Second Place Prize”
  3. “Third Place Prize”

How It Will Work

The game will start with 11 players and a host (@AMDF_Official#4236) the top 5 players from each round will advance and move onto the next round.

After each round the losing 6 players will have to leave and let the next group of 6 players enter the competition. Groups are based on the google form entries.

Groups Are Not Teams And Teaming Is Not Allowed

The top 5 people from each round stay and move onto the next round. If an incoming group is missing a player, i will announce it in stream and whoever gets in first has a chance to redeem themselves.

Once all the groups have played the last top 5 players will compete for the top 3 spots. The top 3 players will then compete for prizes.

I May Or May Not Be Giving The Last 2 In The Top 5 Something Small As Well

How To Enter

To enter the competition you must fill out this form so i can make the groups for the event. If you do win but your form is not filled out the prizes will go to the next people in line.


Things You Should Do Before The Competition

I am telling you guys way ahead of time so everyone has time to pratice at the game. You will have to buy new guns with in-game currency as well. You can also buy in-game cash with Robux to buy new guns as well. You are allowed to buy gamepasses as well because they only give you extra money and a weapon skin to help you out. You are allowed to change your weapons up in the middle of the competition if you feel it will help you out.

Time And Date Of The Competition
Time (EST): (Undecided)
Date: (Undecided)

Best Of Luck To All Of You!

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what game is this

Bullet hell

oh right, i cant read lol