Another Event For Candle Chicken

Let me start this off with this: I did enjoy the event, but I don’t think it was very well organized. I am in no way hating on it.

Anyway, here’s what happened on Kensai’s stream.

He was hosting a Valentine’s day event where the two winners got Candle Chicken pets. These would be the rarest pet in the game. He started with Trivia. Then to hide and seek. Then to a race. Then to PvP. Then to an rng boss.

Keep in mind, this was very unorganized and took a while for everyone to get in a server without people crowding entirely and lots of lag.

Trivia wasn’t unfair. Although Mr. Super dominated, it was because of skill. People did call things such as bad connection being unfair which in my opinion, is complete bs. Trivia overall was as fair as it could be.

Next was hide and seek. This is where problems started. Although there weren’t that many, it was a little unorganized. There was one issue in particular. Cheating. There was no real way to monitor cheating. The rules were: No going out of bounds and no moving once the game started. Now I’m not going to state names, but there was a duo of people that I think saw move afterwards. This is not confirmed however so there is no real way to tell.

The race. It was full of cheating. The rules were: No armor or gear of any sort. No abilities such as blink or double jump. People were double jumping and blinking all over the place. Acording to multiple people (including myself), HenryUzumaki blinked ahead of everyone. People also say Aukutifiiti and Digiteg tied for first place. I can’t confirm that because I wasn’t there to see. Henry ended up getting the points.

Pvp… That was a mess. We started off doing PvP by classes. Knights vs Knights. It lasted around 2 fights until Kensai and Davidii decided to do something else. They however did not remove points from the teams that won so teams that didn’t fight were put behind. Davidii spawned a Spider Queen and the person that got the last hit won. The thing about this was that it was worth 5 points. HenryUzumaki won. His team jumped from having 3 points to 8. This put them ahead of everyone else. People were asking for PvP and Davidii agreed. We did the same thing again. This time however, we only got to assasins before they decided to call things off.

Oh yeah, did I mention since 1 of the members in my team didn’t get to do PvP at all, we couldn’t tie for first place? Yeah. In the end, Henry’s team had 8 points. My/Digiteg’s team had 7 points. They decided to call off PvP before everyone else got to go sooo… Kinda salty

Overall it was a mess. A fun mess however. Some people say it was a waste of time. Some enjoyed it overall. Seeing as how unorganized it was, I wish there was another event. One with set activites and set points and a proper scoreboard. I would also like to see a proper way to ensure no cheating. Afterall, the reward is the rarest pet in game.

TL:DR I want there to be another, more organized valentine’s event.

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any time i hear Candle Chicken I get ptsd because I got robbed via some stupid RNG event.

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I’m Pockets on discord. Or DeathEvasion in game. Digi and I also got robbed

this happened to me too

For the Trivia, although it wasn’t that fair and was about ping and typing speed as much as knowledge, its probably the fairest and most organized game in the event.

For Hide and Seek, there really wasn’t anything to stop people from cheating or for other players to snitch, but the last 3 (the ones who actually got points) had to reveal their spots, so I’d say its fair enough

For the race: yeah it was a total fail. People had equipment and people used skills, and no one can prove if someone obeyed the rules or cheated since liars exist.

For PvP it was really unorganized and relied heavily on people not being jackasses and ruining the fun, but there are always those few people. They cancelled it but didn’t take existing points away, but whatever they did it would be unfair to someone.

All in all, it wasn’t really the organizer’s fault, Vesteria right now is just not suitable to host these kinds of events

Same here, both me and my teammates didn’t get to compete in PvP at all (Im the one known as Gaarbb)

the 1 thing i realized from this event besides balance events is

im a god at trivia

AnswerRemoved: God of paragraphs

MrSuper: God of typing

I wonder what will happen if we mixed them together… a monster that writes entire essays at the speed of light. Scary

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That person could earn BANK if they created a business that did homework for other people

Ahaha I wasn’t there to witness event

You were really ahead of everyone else, I was bummed to hear that you didn’t win :((((

Here is a little peek at how the event wentimage


Nice to know

wait what.
candle chicken is now existent outside of testing realm?

Mhm, now the best most rare pet is in the economy

bro, why dint he say that that was the prize.
i would have DEFINETELY participated in that event.

It was a surprise. Also the applications were closed before event started

dude, why was it a suprise.

they like toying with our minds