Announcing my retirement

Buh bye Vesteria.
I just got too bored of it, I can’t take it anymore.
The updates aren’t coming out fast enough.
So here’s a couple of questions I’ll answer.

What will happen to Mythical?

Not sure. Shib will probably take over.

Are you still making The Warlock's Tale?

Yes. I’ll make another one soon.

What do you mean, retire?

I won’t play the game nor visit the Discord much anymore, but I’ll be on the forums every once in a while.


I’ve been waiting too long for updates, many developers have done so much better with their games than this one has. Nothing can really change that.

So that’s it, thank you for this wonderful journey Vesteria has brought me.
If the game magically becomes GOOD one day, I may return.
May Vesra save this game.

flies off to loomian legacy


Play rogue


F D: see you around

This is pretty much me but im more active ish.

Retired but still you’ll become a forum stalker :weary:

Give it a month they always come crawling back.



oh you can hope I’ll come back

Wow ur back already?!1?

what do you mean

I dont even know who you are

respect gone smh my head

can you really blame me

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forgot this game existed for a little while, that’s how much fun I’ve had in the last month.

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I will missed you alot bro
Well I know Vesteria are getting stale from day to day but well atleast you have fun on other game

i’m not leaving completely bluemin lmao

@Meta close this

but why

I don’t see a reason to lol