Ancient Defense / Ancient Perks

So ancient scrolls are currently in-game for weapons, but not armor. I suggest adding ancient defense scrolls for armor. Then adding a chance to gain a random perk from a successful ancient scroll being applied to your armor / weapons, but each piece of armor / weapon can only have up to 2 perks.

Some of these perks on weapons could be a greed bonus that would give you slightly more coins from killing monsters (about 1.2x coin drops), or a bleed bonus that has a 30% chance to cause your enemy to bleed over time in total dealing an additional 10% of the damage you did with the attack that caused the bleeding, but its cancelled by using the regeneration ability or any healing potions.

Some of the armor perks could be a stamina recovery bonus that makes you recover stamina 70% faster, or random stat bonuses such as +3 vit, str, int, or dex.

Maybe they could just let you use the current ancient scroll on armor and weapons instead of making an entirely seperate one for armor. (I know it would be different from how the other scrolls are, but it would make it less annoying when you get a super rare scroll that already has a low probability of working only to find out its for weapons when you needed one for armor, or vice versa.)

These are some pretty good suggestions! Now that I think about it, it would be nice to have universal scrolls instead of weapon and armor scrolls…

Quite a few veteran players have requested repeatedly for Universal scrolls, including myself.

I don’t see why Ancients should have the power to apply entire perks onto armor - especially considering even greater scrolls like the Inferno scroll will be coming in the future. I would like Ancients to provide Stat points again though.

I would prefer additional armors coming and having the sort of specialized perks you have suggested applied to those instead.

I think you could keep the scrolls in game how they are, and add universal scrolls that you have to find around the map. So you only have a limited amount of them. Just a really quick idea made from a noob.


the problem with gear having the perks is that people will use old gear from lower levels specifically for the perks making newer gear useless. Ex. Mages using webbed staff instead of tuaa staff bc of poison bomb.

The tuaa staff needs an updated perk anyways.

true, i like the idea of it’s perk being the red lightning that the tiki boss has since it makes sense and could be powerful. like when they use thundercall it would have red lightning that burns the enemies similar to the poison from the webbed staff puddles in mage bomb

Wdym by “Inferno Scroll”? What will this scroll do?

I heard of the inferno scroll before but I thought it got cancelled for some reason.

Ancient Defense Scrolls were once in the game, but they were removed for an as-yet unknown reason prior to the release of Forsaken Isle. I want them back. They were awesome (yellow tier armor!) and made farming for them worthwhile.
P.S. Shroompocalypse is now a very good farm, get Reset Scrolls to reset your previously-not-full-Ancient weapons, get Holy Scrolls to reset failed slots, get Ancient ATK scrolls and full Ancient ATK your weapons (seven upgrade slots, +4 ATK each, +28 ATK total…)

EDIT: Sorry, I once saw a cursed def scroll give red level (meaning equivalent to ancient) and assumed there were ancient def scrolls. but since there aren’t, add them, all armor becomes trash compared to weapons.

Ancient Defense Scrolls never existed at any point.

I agree with Meta, ancient Def scrolls never existed. Where are you getting your information from?

i also agree with meta, ancient DEF scrolls NEVER existed.

Whoa Meta is a gamemaster now, congratulations

Not sure which bootleg you played…

There were never ancient def scrolls.