An Invasive monster has taken over the Dunes!

Super Giant Scarab has been spotted in the dunes!
It is known to be the destroyer of all lands and beings, if you see him in the dunes make sure to stay away from him!
Bounty: 100000g
We must exterminate this treacherous monster!

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Here we see our brave men and women trying to bring down this treacherous beast, no matter mage, hunter, warrior, or adventurer.

Battle of the whispering dunes 1377 Colorized

On my way, we need to eliminate this monster as soon as possible!

We need all forces on it. I may bring cleric as a field medic. Everybody needs to come this instant!

It is too powerful, there is no way for me to kill if I crash instantly.

This fiend must not go unnoticed! Everyone, gather your guild members and take this beast down!

May the muffins be on your side in this battle

I get this image whenever I spawn in near it and everytime I crash. I am afraid of no Scarab, but that thing is no Scarab.

the server is lagging so much lmao

The Muffin MRE’s have arrived

someone take a video of him dying

Just be a sorcerer and throw the sun at it :clown_face:

Dont just stop at the sun, throw Juptier at it to make it more stupider

Live report: IT IS AT 40% HP!

The monster has finally fallen after 30-40 minutes!

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o no it was an hour and something

when all Vesterian players unite to defeat a common foe

Crashes: YEs
Number of troops: a lot
Deaths: n0