An expoilter named Septer

An expoilter named Septer is exploiting the game and even starting to sell exploit script to players aswell. Right now he’s teleporting around hiting enemies and leaving a copy of his model around the map. Ruining the Spider farm and all that. He’s acting cocky to showing us screenshoots and such in discord.

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what an absolute jerk >:(

What an idiot, hope he gets banned

this thread is in need of facepalm reaction

@Polymorphic @berezaa Pinging you two so you see this as soon as you wake up!

IKR man like seriously!

The funny part is i got banned in discord for talking to the exploiter over why he needed to stop and how the game would be affected if he didn’t. This speical little snowflake called David just bans people left and right for no reason, How an incompetent idiot like that became a mod is beyond me. But once open world pvp gets added and if i ever see him in end game, i’m seriosuly gonna give him a massive beat down. Hopefully he’s going to get his admin rewoked soon. I really also wanna see him to get a perma banned from discord aswell. That way i’d teach the rest of the mods to use their role correctly and not just ban people for no reason. After all we paid 10 dollars for this game and we have the right to be in discord and have opinions over some matters. What David is doing if officaly trying to ruin the community inside out.

i’ve seen this person on the enchanted forest before i have no idea why he speed hacks

his full name is septers lol and he just replied to this post what a cocky exploiter planning to ruin the fun for others.