An Addition to Prism Trap

This is a short and simple idea.
How this works:
This addition allows the trap to manually explode once the ability icon is used again. Your character will do a whistle when you use the button. This cannot be used if the player/mob is already trapped inside the trap. This can help do additional dps to bosses which can’t be trapped and more bait tactics can be made with this.

I honestly think the trickster should lay a set of Prism Traps instead of only one for more flexibility with the skill. This could be balanced by giving them each smaller damage, with the effects and number of traps increasing by leveling it up.

I honestly like one trap that can do damage good enough to have other moves combo into it to have big damage or even enough damage to lead to death.

so snakes c4 from smashbros. but if touched it also explodes.

yes i like it

Magical c4.

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