Alpha-1.5 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.5

Alpha-1.5 brings a host of new content, including new NPCs, a new quest, new maps, a new hunter ability, and some new items

New Features

New Map: Nilgarf Sewers

  • What secrets await?

New Mobs: Batty & Ratty

  • Levels 21 and 23
  • Spawn in the Nilgarf Sewers

New Quest

  • Bobby in Nilgarf has a problem. Can you help him?

New Hunter Ability: Barrage

  • Fires three arrows in quick succession


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Party teleportation is now slightly less broken.
  • Fixed splash sound spam and added additional underwater effects.
  • Ability cooldown meter now decays more accurately.

New items

spiderbow rathead batwing rattail cursedscroll banana

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a message to @Vesteria_Team. We greatly reward testers who help us fix exploits.


shunpo where >;c

am I the only one who is mad lagging in the sewers?

I am too

where is my shunpo and my skill reset.

ive been waiting for 5 months for shunpo…

Have the new death penalties been added yet?

Why is cursed scroll there isn’t that already added?

probably to show the people that cursed scrolls exist

still no mage items tho

Nope. Definitely a new item :eyes:


Cursed Scroll but for armors…hm

Where are the sewers?

Some notes:

  • Shunpo (Hunter Ability) is 99% done. I’ll be out very soon
  • We will offer ability point resets
  • Mage items are coming :wink:

Any use in giving that beggar all of my money yet.

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Very cool, haven’t found sewers yet!

I love how I freeze every 2-5 seconds just because I exist in the sewers


Thank you!!! Estimated date for the next update? Honestly I just want Shunpo in

Sewers is in Farmlands, go to the left after entering from Nilgarf

the begger is completely finished.