Alpha-1.4 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.4

Alpha-1.4 brings awesome equipment customization options, interesting new equipment, new mechanics for DEX & VIT, and several much-needed quality of life changes.

New Features

Equipment Modification

  • Make your favorite equipment truly stand out with a host of equipment-modifying consumables.
  • Give your equipment a custom name with the Name Tag item.
  • Add lore to your equipment with the Ink & Quill item.
  • Tint any equipment to your favorite color with the Dye items.
  • Items available from The Stranger in Nilgarf

Cursed Scrolls

  • Forbidden scrolls that contain unpredictable power.
  • Adds random attack and stats to your equipment
  • More likely to add onto stats already on the equipment
  • Permanently destroys your equipment if it fails
  • Drops from the Spider Queen

Vitality Defense

  • Vitality now grants defense against damage that would put you at critical health
  • For damage that would put you below:
    ** 10% HP: 3 VIT = +2 defense
    ** 20% HP: 3 VIT = +1 defense
    ** 40% HP: 3 VIT = +0.5 defense
  • Maxing Vitality greatly improves your odds of surviving what would normally be a one-hit-kill attack.

Dexterity Blocking

  • Dexterity now allows you to block melee attacks
  • Blocking a melee attack reduces its damage by 75%
  • Having max dexterity gives you a 20% chance to block attacks from an enemy at the same level as you.

Specialized Attack/Defense

  • Equipment can now grant physical, magical and ranged defense/attack instead of just general defense/attack

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Item pickup popup now shows the enchantment level of equipment.
  • Inspecting a dropped item will now properly show its enchantments.
  • The formula for determining the name color of enchanted equipment has been adjusted to include stats other than strength and defense, and to use relative difference rather than absolute difference.
  • Prompt notifications (such as party, trade, duel requests, etc.) will now stack on top of eachother and expire 30 seconds after being sent.
  • The scrolling formula has been adjusted. Some items may see weaker upgrades from basic and great scrolls.
  • The outcome of scrolling is now visible via chat notifications.
  • Spider Queen health & damage have been increased.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spider Queen to get stuck in an infinite chasing sequence

New items

cursedscroll dyecyan dyered dyeyellow dyegreen dyegrey dyepurple dyeblue nametag inkandquill ironsword arachnidarmor platedironhelmet ranginggear

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a message to @Vesteria_Team. We greatly reward testers who help us fix exploits.



epic update

I heard that the Mysterious Traveler dude was gonna come in this update… guess not

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Finnaly :slight_smile: I have been waiting for the cursed scrolls!

He is, that’s the Stranger.

what is the success rate for cursed scrolls?

60% is the success rate.

where is he

Get lookin!

Im going to rip apart the entire town if I have to

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BTW, we have a lot of spicy stuff planned for the next update, and most of it is half done already. This includes the sewers, rats, new abilities and reworked abilities. Stay tuned <3


Oh thank god, tbh I was really underwhelmed by this update- was hoping for more. Sounds exciting though! I want that bow skill

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when do you plan to drop next update

Something like next weekend, given previous messages in chat.

what level are the rats going to be


yeah i need bow abilities soon because i buy around 10 stacks of arrows, i go to farm rubees, an hour later they are all gone

Yeah there’s just so much stuff we have that’s half-finished. We wanted to get the chaos scrolls and other items into your hands as soon as possible which is why we released what we had done so far.