Alpha-1.3 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.3

Alpha-1.3 brings a unique new flying enemy for higher level players to fight, stability improvements, and Vesteria’s first ranged weapon, the Bow!

New features

New Monster: Rubee

  • Level 17
  • Spawns in Scallop Shores
  • Our first flying mob!


  • Hunters can now gain access to Bows at Port Fidelio.
  • Requires arrows in your inventory.
  • Damage from bows scales the same as ranged abilities, primarily using DEX.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Monster AI improvements
  • Monster performance improvements
  • Giant Goblins and Scarecrows head size fixed

New items

ironarmor ironhelmet basicbow RubeeEye RubeeStinger

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a message to @Vesteria_Team. We greatly reward testers who help us fix exploits.


Is Barber’s Shop fixed now?

New warrior stuff, WOOHOO!

The bow is pretty awesome. The only problem I have is that I can’t control the trajectory of the bow and auto aim takes over fully when I’m near an enemy. Only if there was a raycast when charging the bow.


raycast that changed and went slowly back to simulate power of drawing the bow would be :ok_hand:

DEECENT, love the new armor :smiley:

I’ll be making slight modifications to auto-aim to make bow more easily usable, next update.


My data is still lost, so I can’t even play D:

Approximately when will it be fixed?

Bought the bow right away (im now poor, so i guess i wont be getting armor when i hit the level for it lmao) and it’s pretty fun. I agree with Meta, though. Overall veri kewl

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Yes! Higher level mobs than spiders!!

The bow is very nice, but when you have an autoclicker macro bound to left click, it breaks the ears of everyone around you.
just saying.

For this update, can you go ahead and make enemies spawn faster at a proportion of the rate in which they’re killed?

I agree with the fact that the new monsters don’t respawn fast enough. Maybe that was planned


Since they’re wasp type, it’d be cool to see them spawn out of hives in groups of twos, threes or fours.

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Does rubee drop anything? And what are those two mystery items?

rubee stingers and rubee eyes, both of which are things to sell.

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