Alpha-1.2 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.2

Alpha-1.2 brings one of the biggest content expansions to Vesteria since release, while laying down major stability improvements and several big quality of life changes.

New features

New Monster: Scarecrow

  • Level 13
  • Invincible while crossed
  • Unique aggro behavior

Nilgarf Barbershop

  • Character re-customization NPC in Nilgarf
  • Costs 50 Silver

Port Fidelio

  • The Hunter City is now open for all to access via Scallop Shores

Inspect players

  • Interacting with a player now allows you to inspect their equipment

DataStore warnings

  • Warnings appear whenever Roblox DataStores fail to save your data. They encourage you to stay in the game until your data has successfully been saved.
  • The game will rapidly attempt to re-save your data.
  • Certain features are disabled while this message is active

New Quest: Feed the Horse

  • Basic level 11 quest in Farmlands
  • More advanced quests are planned

Consumable Cooldown Indicator

  • Visual indicator for when consumable items are on cooldown.

Monster Size Variation

  • Random monster size variation has been added. Some monsters will be smaller or larger than average.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Runes have been fixed
  • Monsters are no longer collidable when they die
  • Giant monsters and big items should no longer float underwater

New items

mushtownrune purplepotion orangepotion arrowsickle hay banditmask banditvest

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a message to @Vesteria_Team. We greatly reward testers who help us fix exploits.


yeet! New update!

I lost 50 silver pretty epic

whats the mushroom rune?

same here, i lost 50 silver and i didn’t get cool white hair

We’re aware that there were issues with the character customization when we first released the update. Those issues should be fixed now.


The hair and the pants changes but the shirt does not or is this fixed?

when do bows come out?

Favorite part of the update?

  • Scarecrows!
  • New Potions
  • Port Fidelio!
  • New Hunter Equips
  • Barber (Character Recustomization)
  • Inspect Players
  • Potion Cooldown Indicator
  • New Quest

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So sad, I saw this update at 7:20am and I got school today, the tutoring so I will only be able to play in about 15 hours…
Really looking forward to that Sickle and new Hunter equipment though, looks amazing! I especially like how the Vesteria Team have chosen bandanas/half balaclavas for the Hunter helmet, seems really cool and unique rather than the average hat/full mask helmet.

The hunter equipment looks so high quality :weary: Kinda wish I didn’t pick warrior.

Don’t worry warriors will get some sweet loot soon


love the music in the port area, also was it on purpose not to put the bow into the shop? cant seem to find anything. gonna try talkin to the npc’s

edit 2
i see that the bow isnt on the list of new items. feel alittle slow

lol u were rekt.

WOO hunter stuff!!

Welp…I’ll only be able to play Vesteria friday… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to go to sleep since it was 1 in the morning and only got to play a little bit (though that was enough time to lose 50 silver to the character customization). Also where can I get the new runes?

Can’t delete my level 15 mage collecting dust in my second slot >:c

Berezaa said he wasn’t going to add a way to delete accounts, since people would spam him saying that someone else deleted their account and begging him for stuff.