Alpha-1.1 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.1

With version Alpha-1.1, we tried to fix a lot of quality of life issues with Vesteria. We also introduced a new Lvl.9 monster to make the game more interesting for players in that level range. Finally, we reworked all of Mage’s abilities and added a ton of new Mage equipment. Read below for the full update notes

New features


  • Consumable item
  • Runes can be purchased at certain maps and be used to return to them at any time
  • Currently only obtained when you pick your class, and from the Colosseum shopkeeper

New Mob

  • LVL 9 – Goblin, Enchanted Forest.
    Goblins will throw rocks at you if you’re far enough away from them, otherwise they will hit you with their club. These guys can snipe you from pretty far away, so be careful!

Manual Aim Mode

  • Hold down the hotkey for a projectile ability to aim manually
  • A trajectory of where the projectile will go will be displayed

Ability info

  • Hover over an ability to see stats
  • Compare current level stats to next level
  • Abilities that are not unlocked will be blacked out and cannot be binded to hotbar

Bluesteel Chests

  • New tier of chests in between wood and gold
  • Contains bundles of pre-determined loot, whereas gold chests will contain unique items
  • Can only be opened once

We noticed that the rewards in some of our game’s chests just weren’t cutting it, so we decided to add an extra tier to give us extra flexibility with the rewards. We’ve already replaced the Enchanted Forest gold chest with a bluesteel chest, as well as one of the Nilgarf chests. You’ll see us slowly replace some of the harder wooden chests with bluesteels over the next week.

100% Headgear Defense Scroll

  • Headgear items can now be upgraded

Class Representatives

  • Lil Pump is gone
  • Nilgarf now has a representative NPC for each faction, who will thoroughly describe their faction to you and let you join them at Lvl. 10
  • Gives you equipment and free runes when you select your class

Mage abilities

  • Zap ability is now fully functional
  • Magic Bomb ability now increases in blast radius the longer it is in the air
  • Blink ability now leaves a trail of particles


  • The Shop menu has been merged with the Inventory. They no longer need to be opened seperately

New Items

fangdagger goblinnecklace item63 item62 item64 item68 item67 item60 item58 item59 item61

Balance / changes


  • Potions now have a cooldown associated with their consumption. This affects all potions, not just the single type you use.
  • Potion drop rates have been lowered across the board, and enemies that used to drop big red potions now drop small ones

10% Scrolls

  • Split up into 4 different items, one for each stat (STR, INT, DEX, VIT)
  • Now contributes less to weapon attack, and more to a specific stat. The stat bonus that a scroll gives you is tied to the original weapon attack of the equipment

70% Scrolls

  • Weapon attack bonus has been slightly reduced

We felt as though 100% scrolls were complete garbage and were never worth using, which was not our original intention. An item scrolled with 6 or 7 successful 70% scrolls is still an amazing weapon, but now it makes more sense to play it safe and use all 100% scrolls.

HP & MP Regen

  • HP and especially MP regen curves were fixed, so higher level players now have the correct (much lower) regeneration of these stats

Stat Vials

  • Now give +7 of their stat instead of +3

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a private message to me.


Sorry for the delay on this update! Our internship at Roblox ended, and we’ve all been taking some time to move and settle back in. Damien and David moved back home, and I moved into a new place. Hopefully you’ll see the pace of our updates speed up after this one. Adding the Goblin was super fun and I know Damien is super excited to add some of the other mobs we have in the pipeline :eyes:

As always, thanks for the support! <3


Been waiting for this for forever! I’ll be making a lengthy patch notes video later for those who don’t like reading when I get home. PogChamp

  1. what is that necklace?

  2. where are the warrior changes : (

So no new high level mob…

So mages pretty much got reworked and buffed. Hmm… :thinking:

Yes! I have been waiting for this update.

@berezaa on an unrelated note to update. I don’t think we’re supposed to have access to patch-notes tag. Access to patch-notes tag I made this topic to ask about it also I did use it so you guys can notice it
Edit: It seems you are allowed to use it, even though I didn’t get a response from any of the developers, I believe you can use it. Tags aren’t categories so I guess tags are always going to be allowed of use for public.

We don’t have plans to add higher level mobs until we’ve completely fleshed out the content for low-level players. If we added some high-level content, a lot more players would reach lvl. 30 a lot sooner and then when we added more content for higher levels you wouldn’t be able to properly experience it.

Gameplay past lvl. 20 is not supported right now. Some people are crazy enough to keep grinding past that point, but it’s not representative of the experience we want to have at that level.

We will keep adding weapons and equipment for higher level players, though.


I’m crazy flexing that level 30 warrior level 25 hunter and level 28 mage here. Despite the slow leveling, the gameplay is epic anyway

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I mean, he is right

if you are insane enough to grind past lvl 25 then uhhh… yeah… you are crazy


you sir, are not a true Vesteria Devotee. hmph.

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I literally jumped out of my bed when I read about this update on my phone. Time to grind for that Spider Fang Dagger!


What is funny is that everyone just gave up and you came in and updated. This was a good time to revive it.

more like you have too much time on your hands lol

Finally! Good work, and continue working hard!