Alpha-1.1.3 | Vesteria Official Patch Notes

Vesteria Alpha-1.1.3

Version Alpha-1.1.3 is mainly a security update, patching a couple vulnerabilities in our shops and internal testing environment. It also introduces some small improvements.

New features

Volume Slider


  • You can now adjust the volume of the game music under settings. This feature can be used to mute the music or raise the volume above the default.
  • Your preferred volume will be saved to your profile


Consumable Items

  • All consumable items now correctly display in the consumable animation
  • Fish now have an eating sound instead of a drinking sound
  • You can hear other players consume items
  • The consumption animation will now plays fluidly during combat


  • Multiple security improvements

Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a message to @Vesteria_Team


Please make the music slider a button that looks like a music slider.

desperately looks for spider weapons for mage and warrior

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Any way we can have a separate volume slider for Game sounds? So I can listen to my own music while still hearing the game sounds?

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hunter still dont get any hats made for him :sob:

ogm rael vestaria leek!1!

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nonono ig ot dese aimages of off!!!

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