All the things that are to come in the next update

-Canons in Hunter Town
-New Mage armor,
-Rework of all the mage spells, Including Zap, Tp, and you can choose where you want to throw your bomb
-Lil pump is leaving for the three faction leaders, Quest??
-A new fish and 3 weird looking stones
-A new hunter skill, Execute at lvl 4
-Introducing Bluesteel chests! These are a new tier of chest in between brown and gold that you’ll start to see appearing on maps. Bluesteel chests will have pre-determined rewards and can only be opened once. They will usually contain multiple nice items for the level range of that map, unlike golden chests which will almost always contain a single unique ultra-rare item. Brown chests will eventually be revamped to have random loot tables depending on their level, and you will still be able to re-open them every day
-Hunter “Port” Located in the sea biomes
-Combining your inventory and the shop together.
-A new hunter knife
-Another new mage armor
-Able to aim things

If I missed something just comment it.

The “weird looking stones” are runes which can tp you to either the colosseum, mage city, hunter base, or warrior stronghold. There isn’t a new hunter skill, its stat info for all skills,and several bug fixes